6 Tips to Keep your Home Organized During the Holidays

Some people are just naturally gifted when it comes to organizing, while the rest of us get easily worked up with all the tasks ahead. With Christmas home preparations just around the corner, it’s pretty normal to start feeling that seasonal stress kick in. Christmas preparations, such as decorating and stocking up on ingredients for the holiday feast, can quickly become confusing (and frustrating), especially if you haven’t made a Christmas organization list in advance.

Before you know it, you’d be exhausted from scrambling last-minute attempts to find what you need, and when it does happen, how then can you make the most of this joyous celebration? Keep home organizing for Christmas from adding to your already busy schedule!

Get your holiday preparations in order and stay stress-free throughout the merry season with these holiday organization tips.

1. Advance Planning

Creating plans for the Christmas celebration is the key to keeping your cool amidst the bustling holiday preparations, family reunions, and other social gatherings. You don’t have to wait until December to start thinking about what food to prepare, gifts to wrap, parties to host, where to go shopping for supplies, and other Christmas activities to make your holiday season even brighter and merrier.

Advance Planning West-Jordan Organizing and Cleaning Services

You may want to include the following home organization tasks on your holiday calendar:

· Clean out the pantry, fridge, and freezer

· Deep clean the kitchen

· Take inventory of the linens

· Downsize kids’ toys

· Clean the garage

By planning ahead, you’ll be sure to have all the materials you need and will have more time to finalize your plans. Knowing what you need to do or where to be ahead of time allows you to plan your day more effectively!

2. Sorting and Labelling

Have you bought a new wrapping paper just because you couldn’t find the ones you’ve been saving? When organizing and storing holiday supplies and home essentials, it is best to sort them by category. After that, place an index card outside each box with information about what types of materials they contain. Indexing is easier if you write the general category first, followed by a few bullet points on the details. This ensures no future confusion arises when you go looking for your items.

3. Stocking of Essentials

Stock up on food items, toiletries, and other household essentials before Christmas to avoid unnecessary trips to the store in the midst of the celebration. Wouldn’t it be frustrating to find out that you’re out of toilet paper at the year’s biggest celebration? Certainly, it would! So, now’s the time to do an inventory of some of these essentials:

· Medicine kit

· Disposables tableware

· Toilet paper and facial tissue

· Paper towels and napkins

· Hand soap and sanitizer

· Aluminum foil and plastic wrap

· Trash and freezer bags

4. Prepare the Kitchen and Guest Room

An organized kitchen makes all the difference for holiday cooking and baking. Take time to clean all the utensils, appliances, drawers, and shelves. Toss unused and outdated kitchen accessories – you’ll need all the space.

Although guest rooms are typically neglected, you must not overlook cleaning them. Especially, this time since you never know who might drop by for an overnight stay. So, vacuum the room, prepare a fresh set of sheets on the bed, and stock the bathroom with toiletries and clean towels. If you do this, you’ll save yourself from another potential stressor.

5. Set up a Wrapping Station

You may be gift shopping later, but it never hurts to plan ahead. Find a good spot in your home for a wrapping station, and add a small table or rolling drawer cart to hold all your supplies. This station will make wrapping gifts convenient and help dispose of clutters from the activity effortlessly.

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6. Call in Cleaning Services

We all know how much time and energy goes into decluttering for the holidays to keep the house clean and organized, apart from preparing a good time for everyone. Indeed, time never seems enough to keep up, not only for event preparations but even for daily household chores. If your hands are full and you simply can’t make time try hiring someone. Hiring a professional house cleaning service provider is a sound and convenient choice.

Need some help from professional home organizers in Utah?

The Christmas season will surely throw you into a frenzy if you let things go out of hand – but not if you get professional assistance. If you’re in Utah and aim to have a successful holiday event or simply enjoy organization in your home, let our premier home organizers at Regal Housekeeping – West Jordan Organizing and Cleaning Services do all the organizing for your home!

Need some help from professional home organizers in Utah? - West Jordan Organizing and Cleaning Services

As professional home organizers in Utah, we can help you organize all spaces of your home. We can help organize your kitchen, guest room, living room, and even your basement. On top of our organizing services, we also provide deep cleaning and standard cleaning solutions to keep your place in top condition, protect it from deterioration, and minimize infectious germs.

Leave the spotless cleaning to us! For inquiries, contact us at 801-921-8494. Let us know your home cleaning and organization needs so that we can recommend the best services for you!

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