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Rebekah Hadley West Jordan Cleaning Service

Rebekah Hadley


Rebekah is passionate about the peace an orderly, clean, beautiful home brings.

She takes deep pride and pleasure in creating warm, healthy, inviting spaces for her clients and their families.

The oldest of four children, she has been cleaning and organizing for other people as long as she can remember. About 30 years ago, she realized that creating peaceful spaces truly brings her a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose, and so began sharing her gifts and expertise with others.

Over time, she has grown her passion into one of the premier cleaning services in her hometown of West Jordan and now extending all the way from South Salt Lake County down into Northern Utah County.

Rebekah is a mother and grandmother herself, so she understands how messy life gets. When she’s not subduing grime and chaos, Rebekah enjoys riding her motorcycle, ballroom dancing, boating, and capturing moments of beauty on camera. She moved to West Jordan from Michigan in 2002.

Erynn Dunn

This young mom of one busy little boy brings her special touch of classy creativity, design style, and enthusiasm to every home. Her skills for organizing and staging are phenomenal, and her own home always looks like a magazine. From the seasonal scents she chooses to fragrance your space to the carefully folded towels in the bathroom, she makes certain your home says “Welcome!” to all who enter. Erynn was raised in West Jordan and now lives in Syracuse with her husband and son.

Allison Gesink

This energetic young lady is a force to be reckoned with. Even the smallest details don’t escape her attention, making her a perfect match for your home. You’ll appreciate her unfailing thoroughness and reliability. When she’s not putting homes in order, she spends as much time outdoors as she can. She is also a beautifully trained dancer. Allison was raised in West Jordan and now lives in Millcreek.

Jade Michele

This enthusiastic young mom is a pro at keeping up to her three little boys. She knows personally what it takes to care well for a home because she knows first-hand how family life gets messy in the blink of an eye.

Because she understands that a tidy home helps her be a more effective, patient mother, she’s eager to rescue other moms from chaos too.

She was born and raised in Logan, Utah, but now resides in Sugarhouse with her growing family.

​She was formerly a gymnast and dancer before motherhood consumed all her extra time and energy. Regardless of her busy life, she still carves out time to share her gift of creating order and beauty out of chaos with our lucky clients.

Jade Michele West Jordan Cleaning Service

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