Regal Housekeeping - West Jordan Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

Regal Housekeeping gave me my life back! Trying to keep everything clean while working full-time with five children at home was exhausting. Within just a few weeks, Regal Housekeeping had my home clean and peaceful. What a relief! My only regret was waiting so long before getting help.

I used these housekeepers not only for weekly cleans but for my seasonal deep cleans jobs. Always performed above and beyond.

Regal Housekeeping cleaned my condo when I sold it. They did a good job and charged a fair price. They were flexible when the closing date changed. I am disabled and couldn't do the cleaning myself, so it was a blessing to leave it in Regal Housekeeping's hands. Everything was ready for the new owners. It made a stressful move much easier.

I use Regal Housekeeping for the times I'm overwhelmed and just need help getting back on track. They come clean everything to perfection, and I can maintain it easily.

Being a mom and working full-time leaves me no time for proper cleaning. I love knowing the house gets taken care of regularly, and my family has a clean home to enjoy.

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The team cleaned my home weekly and I loved coming home those days. Everything was spotless and smelled amazing.

My husband and I rely on these housekeepers weekly to keep us on track with the home. They clean and make our lives so much easier.

I use Regal Housekeeping only monthly but I wouldn't survive without that monthly "reset" of my home. They come in and get things really clean. helping me feel on top of housework.

Regal Housekeeping not only cleaned my home weekly but also my aging parents' home. Always polite and respectful.

I began using these housekeepers when I was pregnant and needed help keeping the house going. Loved them so much I have kept them and baby is over a year!

I love the clean feeling when I come home after Regal Housekeeping's been there.

The clean home smell will keep you coming back.