What is the Difference Between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning?

Maintaining a clean and organized workplace is essential for any business. However, many business owners might not recognize the distinction between janitorial and commercial cleaning services. Janitorial cleaning services are the foundation for daily workspace upkeep and include all the regular cleaning tasks that sustain a neat environment.

Commercial cleaning services are called upon for more extensive, often less frequent needs that require specialized expertise. Deep cleaning, seasonal inspections and similar vital but less routine cleaning services are what it is all about. Understanding these differences is key to selecting the optimal cleaning support for your office or facility.

I. Janitorial Cleaning Services: Everyday Maintenance

The distinction between janitorial and commercial cleaning services is often characterized by the scale and scope of the work they perform. Exploring janitorial cleaning services unveils routine maintenance for tidy, hygienic business spaces.

Janitorial services encompass a range of activities, including but not limited to, the cleaning of floors, restrooms, and other commonly used areas. These tasks, designed to maintain a consistent level of cleanliness, are essential for the day-to-day operations of any office building.

A. What is Janitorial Cleaning

Janitorial cleaning refers to the systematic services provided by custodial staff, whose principal responsibility is to ensure the daily upkeep of interior spaces. Janitorial services emphasize regular cleaning techniques to maintain a venue’s professional atmosphere and hygienic standards. This includes dusting desks and sanitizing common touchpoints to ensure a clean and safe environment.

B. Examples of Daily Cleaning Tasks

The staff and crew of janitorial teams often begin their day by removing debris from entryways and ensuring the reception areas are welcoming and clean. They pay close attention to vacuuming carpets, mopping floors, and cleaning restrooms. Their focus is primarily on the areas which are used regularly throughout the day. The aim is to address areas that see frequent use, thus supporting a clean and orderly environment for both employees and visitors to the office.

Janitor cleaning a commercial space

II. Commercial Cleaning Services: Specialized Maintenance

commercial cleaning supplies and equipment in the hall way

Moving beyond the daily upkeep offered by janitorial services, commercial cleaning services provide a more expansive approach to business maintenance.

Where janitorial staff focus on the regular tasks required for maintaining cleanliness, commercial cleaning services are called upon for larger, more intensive cleaning projects.

These might include deep carpet cleaning, pressure washing, or extensive window washing that goes beyond the scope of routine maintenance.

These specialized tasks often take place on a less frequent basis but are critical for maintaining the long-term care of a business facility.

By understanding the different demands of commercial cleaning, businesses can ensure their environments remain pristine and reflect a high level of professional care.

A. What is Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning offers a customized solution to meet the comprehensive maintenance needs of business environments. Unlike janitorial services, it addresses deep-cleaning demands that originate from both high-traffic wear and periodical necessity. Professionals in this field employ advanced techniques and equipment to handle large-scale cleaning tasks that renew and protect various surfaces and spaces within a commercial setting.

B. Examples of Less Frequent, Larger-Scale Tasks

For those instances where an office building cleaning services is needed, commercial cleaning services step in with their expertise. Commercial cleaning professionals excel in tasks such as stripping and waxing floors and purifying air duct systems. Their specialized skills ensure offices meet high standards of cleanliness and air quality.

C. Importance of Occasional Commercial Cleaning

Occasional commercial cleaning stands as a strategic investment in extending the longevity and aesthetics of a business’s infrastructure. By addressing accumulated grime and overlooked areas, commercial cleaning revitalizes workspaces and makes them safer. Routine cleaning can enhance efficiency, productivity, and uphold a company’s image and employee health for a thriving work environment.

III. Choosing the Right Service for Your Business

What does janitorial services include? Selecting the appropriate cleaning service for a business is not merely about choosing a provider; it’s about aligning services with the specific needs and rhythms of the workplace. Choosing between janitorial and commercial cleaning requires considering factors like cleaning frequency, task scope, and available budget.

Business owners must assess the day-to-day activities and traffic of their workplaces to determine which service will best preserve their space’s cleanliness and functionality.

Determining whether the business requires daily maintenance, periodic deep cleaning, or a combination of both ensures a well-maintained, professional environment that promotes productivity and success.

A. Factors to Consider

When selecting a cleaning service, business decision-makers weigh the regularity of cleaning needed, the complexity of the tasks, and the funds allocated for these services. Professional intervention frequency might range from daily to occasional depending on specific needs. Additionally, the scope could vary from simple dusting to comprehensive deep cleanings. Budget considerations also play a pivotal role, as they must balance the cost against the expected standards of cleanliness and maintenance required for the business.

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B. Assessing Your Business Needs

Learning about how the company works is critical when pinpointing the appropriate cleaning regimen. Managers must consider whether the quick pace of their workplace demands frequent janitorial attention to keep up with daily wear and tear clutter. They also need to consider whether their space can benefit from the periodic comprehensive overhauls offered by commercial cleaning teams. This assessment will ensure the service aligns with the business’s expectations for a clean, professional, and productive environment.

C. Identifying Whether You Need Janitorial, Commercial, or Both Services

Discerning whether janitorial, commercial, or a combination of services is necessary for a business depends on individual factors. Knowing what the daily and weekly cleaning and waste management needs are will make the decision process easier. Busy offices need janitorial services for daily tidiness, while industrial spaces benefit from occasional commercial cleaning.

a clean office after professional cleaning services

IV. Why Choose West Jordan Cleaning Services

Selecting the right cleaning services can be a pivotal decision for any business owner. West Jordan Cleaning Services stands out as a versatile provider, adept at both janitorial and commercial cleaning.

The company goes beyond standard practices by offering tailored plans for cleaning offices designed to precisely fit the unique needs and schedules of their clients.

Opting for West Jordan Cleaning Services means engaging with a flexible partner who is committed to creating a pristine environment for your business.

A. Offering Both Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

West Jordan Cleaning Services distinguishes itself by expertly managing the spectrum of cleaning needs any business might encounter. Proficient in both janitorial maintenance and commercial cleaning service packages, our company ensures seamless environments through daily upkeep and periodic deep cleans. Don’t settle for one or the other when a combination service package is right for your unique needs.

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B. Customized Cleaning Plans to Meet Your Needs

West Jordan Cleaning Services recognizes that each business is unique in its cleaning requirements, which is why they offer customized cleaning plans to match the exact needs of each client. Our tailored solutions maintain facilities to the highest standards without unnecessary services or costs, acknowledging that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t apply to professional business environments.


Janitorial services ensure daily cleanliness and maintenance of office spaces, focusing on routine tasks like floor and restroom cleaning.

Commercial cleaning involves more intensive, less frequent tasks to address deep cleaning needs, such as carpet shampooing and air duct cleaning.

Understanding the difference allows businesses to tailor their cleaning schedule to their specific needs, ensuring a professional and hygienic environment.

Selecting the right blend of janitorial and commercial cleaning services is crucial for the upkeep and long-term care of any business facility. Call us today to see how the right cleaning services can make all the difference for your business!

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