Clutter-Free Gifts for the Holidays

It’s that time of the year again when we get frantic over what gifts to give. Yes! Giving gifts is one of the best traditions of the holidays, but deciding on the gifts can be hard. We make a list of who to give gifts to, but often get confused about what items you should purchase. We often sit on our list of ideas until we become a last-minute shopper. 

After the holidays have passed, you may notice that some of your gifts have gone unused and are taking up precious space – a candidate for clutter. Why did it end up that way? Let’s face it: not all gifts are joyfully received. It could also be that such gifts are not given in a timely manner, or that the recipient is not around to receive them. So, how can you keep your gifts from cluttering up your home?

This post will provide you with some fantastic ideas and tips on what clutter-free gifts to give for the holidays.  Keep the holidays merry with gifts anyone would be happy to receive!

Gift Certificates 

You’ll never know how awesome a gift certificate or card is until you get one. Your parents may have a restaurant or a spa they love. Treat them with a gift card where they can dine together on their most desired schedule, or relax with a spa treatment of their choice. 

You could also give a coffee gift card to a friend you admire for his hard work and dedication. It could be a gift certificate for an online store, groceries, a gas station, a salon, or any kind of other practical treats. Likewise, you may help your sibling book that trip he has been saving for through a gift card or cash. Simply wonderful, isn’t it?!


Did your friend ever mention that she wishes to join a home brewing class? If she does, then giving her a membership card or certificate is a pretty wise choice. You’re not only giving her a moment’s happiness, but also an opportunity to learn a valuable skill. Give a co-worker a membership certificate to a library or a museum. Surprise your spouse with a gym or a foreign language class membership. Your gift could be exactly what they were looking for.


Increase your options by adding online or electronic subscriptions. Go paperless! Have you considered giving a Netflix or Kindle Unlimited subscription as a gift? You’d be surprised how much joy this brings a recipient when you hand them a small card with a username and password printed in it. 

In this day and age, a Netflix or Amazon subscription is far superior to anything you can buy in a physical store. Look for what someone likes and give them a subscription this holiday season. Bonus: you won’t even have to wrap it.

Electronic or Digital Gift 

If you think a subscription is too expensive, give them their favorite movie or playlist instead. Consider movie rentals, books, games, music, online classes, or courses that they have been eyeing.  It’s useful and definitely worth indulging in.

Something Consumable

Making this holiday special doesn’t have to be expensive. Take time to bake for a friend who has been asking you for the cookies you brought to a fair. Bring over a basket of chocolates or fruits. Set up a collection of teas, coffees, or snack boxes. Gifting consumables may seem simple, but it can spread lots of joy.

A Merry Experience

Although gifts are a genuine expression of one’s love and generosity, nothing can ever replace the time spent with family and friends. Cancel your shopping and instead plan a trip or vacation with your family or friends. Let this be a season to remember, where love becomes the greatest gift.

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