Difference Between Regular House and Deep House Cleaning

Regal Housekeeping - What Is the Difference Between Regular House Cleaning and Deep House Cleaning

A clean, well-maintained house can be a luxury to have but also a big challenge. It could be overwhelming especially for homeowners who have a hectic schedule throughout the week. In this case, most people do the basic house cleaning routine on their off. Others just leave things that way until they finally get a long weekend to spare a day for cleaning. Imagine how much dust and dirt accumulates after a month or so! That’s when you perform the deep house cleaning process. Are those two cleaning processes the same? Let’s find out.

Deep Clean vs. Regular House Clean

Regular House Clean

House cleaning is necessary for both big and small homes. Regular house cleaning is just as simple as you think it is. It’s often what we do during the week. This cleaning service’s main goal is to clean up the area easily seen and reached. Similarly, professional house cleaning services in Utah perform the same set of tasks such as the following:

Regular House Clean - Regal Housekeeping

1. Tidying up and cleaning the rooms in the house

2. Sweeping and wiping the floors

3. Wiping surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom

4. Dusting everything

5. Tossing the trash out

Regular house cleaning tasks are normally done once a week, which should be enough to keep your home neat and clean until the next cleaning session. Also, these tasks can be finished in a few minutes so expect that the cost of hiring expert house cleaners to be less, too.

Deep House Clean

Deep House Clean - Regal Housekeeping

For a thorough and more lasting clean effect on your home, deep house cleaning is what it needs. This process goes beyond just wiping or washing things and areas in the house. Disinfecting surfaces is one key step in deep cleaning your home, removing dirt, soap scum, and grime around your house. In simpler words, deep house cleaning is the next level of cleaning!

With deep cleaning, your home will be germ-free through the sanitization and disinfection that expert house cleaners will do. This way, your family will be safe from getting sick because of germs and bacteria that used to linger in the different areas of your home. Your space will not only smell good but also look neat and clean after a deep cleaning service.

To provide you with that sparkling clean home, professional house cleaners’ deep cleaning takes a little longer than a standard cleaning service. Deep cleaning involves a more intense set of cleaning processes that may take more effort, too. Once done, you will be free to enjoy a healthier, cleaner space for your whole family.

Specifically, deep cleaning services are usually used by homeowners for their kitchens and bathrooms. In line with that, here are the common tasks house cleaners perform for those two important areas in the house.

Kitchen – It’s one place inside a house that is often very busy preparing and cooking food. Doing a regular cleaning here is fine, but a deep cleaning service is so much better for a safer environment when dealing with food.

1. Cleaning the outsides and insides of appliances such as the oven, refrigerator, and microwave

2. Cleaning the cabinets and drawers

3. Sanitizing the knobs, switches, and small kitchen appliances

4. Cleaning the filter and range hood

5. Cleaning refrigerator coils


Another favorite room in a house is the bathroom. Depending on how many are living in your house, your bathrooms need cleaning twice a week or more. That’s why deep cleaning is just perfect for this room.

1. Disinfecting knobs

2. Scrubbing grout

3. Cleaning the toilet

4. Removing soap scum

5. Cleaning the vanities and medicine cabinets

Cleaning, whether regular or deep, matters. It’s for the safety of your family against disease-causing germs and for the well-maintained beauty of your home. To go home to such a clean and neat place is a privilege and is a goal for a more peaceful life.

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Who Can Do It Best?

If you’re too busy to clean your home, who do you turn to for the best house cleaning service in Midvale, Utah? Trust your home to us! We are a premier house cleaning contractor established years ago to serve the Utah area and its nearby towns. We commit to helping homeowners maintain the cleanliness of their spaces through our standard and deep cleaning services as well as organizing and move-in/move-out cleaning.

Who Can Do It Best - Regal Housekeeping

In any kind of cleaning service you require, we bring the best! Your home will receive high-class cleaning performed by our top-class, well-trained professional house cleaners. Your home will be cleaned from top to bottom. Every corner will be dusted, and every room will be as organized as you want them to be.

Regal Housekeeping offers you the most affordable, most efficient, and most trusted cleaning service. We’ll keep this stress-free and easy for you with our cleaning tools and methods that are proven to be effective in removing not only dust or dirt but also the germs lying around your space. Think it’s time to get a house cleaning service? Call us today at 801-921-8494.

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