Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Service-Jordan West Cleaning Service

What is Deep Cleaning?

In general, a deep cleaning services of your home means we throughly clean all the surfaces in your home that aren’t included in a routine are only cleaned lightly on a regular basis.

In addition to all the cleaning services included in a deep cleaning, these include:

  • Cleaning interior windows (the glass and window sill)
  • Dusting blinds
  • Cleaning interior walls
  • Wiping out the inside of cabinets and drawers
  • Dusting the exterior of light fixtures and ceiling fan blades (as long as they aren’t too high for us to reach safely) 
Deep Cleaning Service-Jordan West Cleaning Service

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  • A squeaky clean microwave:  Deep cleaning removes all the gunk and food build-up inside and out.
  • Sanitized small appliances:  Your toaster, coffee maker, and other small appliances get dirty and collect germs over time. Deep cleanings make sure that these appliances are completely clean and sanitary for daily use.
  • A clean trash can:  The exterior of your trash can builds up a lot of dirt and grime over time. When you schedule a deep cleaning, this build-up will get scrubbed off and your trash can will be more sanitary.
  • A cleaner stove:  When you cook, food particles can get trapped in the cracks and spaces of your stove. Deep cleaning services get this burnt food off, which leaves your stove looking and smelling better. We’ll also attack the gunk that sticks in the cracks between your stove and counter.
  • Dust-free light fixtures:  Where practical, we’ll make sure the outside of your light fixtures are clean. (Please understand that we may not be able to reach some light fixtures safely.)
  • Clean baseboards:  Baseboards catch a lot of dust but a deep cleaning will take care of that.

Our team will:

  • sanitize cabinets: With a regular cleaning, we spot clean your cabinet fronts as needed, but your cabinets will be thoroughly wiped down during a deep cleaning.
  • wipe out drawers and cabinets
  • wipe off shelves
  • clean baseboards: bathroom baseboards can get nasty! They’ll be clean and pleasant when we’re done.
  • remove soap scum and hard water residue from shower door and walls, tub, and faucets.
  • trash can clean and sanitized
  • clean corners: sometimes, cobwebs and dust bunnies like to hide out in these damp, dark corners of your bathroom. A deep cleaning will get rid of them.
  • dust-free lights:  we’ll make sure the outside of your light fixtures are clean. (Please understand that we may not be able to reach some light fixtures safely.)
West Jordan Cleaning Service - Bathroom

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Our team will leave you with:

  • Clean light fixtures: Light fixtures accumulate a lot of dust on the exterior. A good deep cleaning will eliminate this dust and dirt.
  • Dusted ceiling fans: For ceiling fans within reach, we’ll get all that fuzzy grey dust off the blades. Dust-free window sills and blinds.
  • Clean doors: Frequent touching by dirty hands leaves grime on your doors and door frames. Say goodbye to those grungy smudges after a deep cleaning.
  • Thorough vacuumings: Deep-clean gets in the reachable corners and crevices, including the stairs. We’ll even move light-weight furniture and vacuum under it.
  • Cleaned and polished banisters and handrails: No more sticky railings! If you have stairs with a wooden banister or handrail, we’ll even polish it for you.
  • Happy baseboards: And of course, the baseboards in all rooms will be dust-free after our deep cleaning service.

These are the add-on services we offer for extra-deep housekeeping.  Just ask, and we’ll quote you a price:

  • Declutter and clean inside of refrigerator
  • Defrost and organize freezer
  • Clean inside of a non-self-cleaning oven
  • Pull out and clean behind refrigerator (please supply a moving dolly)
  • Pull out and clean behind stove/oven (please supply a moving dolly)
  • Window tracks
  • Clean dirty blinds

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