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Riverton is a municipality located in Salt Lake County, Utah, and a part of the Utah Metropolitan Statistical Area. The town has a population of 45,285, according to the 2020 census. 

Riverton is a terrific place to live, relax, and work in Utah’s Salt Lake Valley. Riverton offers a secure and enjoyable environment for families. Riverton also has an excellent school system, a service-oriented culture, strong leadership, and plenty of community involvement and entertainment opportunities. 

Riverton is a pleasant hometown destination because of events like the annual Town Days festival, family-oriented holiday celebrations, and many others.

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The city is situated in a great location for a variety of recreational activities that you may want to do with friends and family. Riverton City Park is home to the renowned Old Dome Meeting Hall, one of the city’s 33 community parks. The South County Pool, Riverbend Golf Course, the CR Hamilton Sports Complex, and access to the Jordan River Parkway Trail are all located in the city. Riverton offers a range of recreation programs for young and adults alike. 

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In addition to the spots mentioned above, The Primary Children’s Outpatient Center is also located in Riverton, as is the Intermountain Riverton Hospital, which was named one of the Top Hundred Hospitals in the United States reported by the Truven Health Analytics. 

Mountain View Village, a 94-acre mixed-use development, and the Riverton Office Building, the international headquarters of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ Information and Communication Services Department, are also a few of the great places to visit when in Riverton. 

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