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Taylorsville, Utah is located in Salt Lake County and is part of the Salt Lake City-Ogden metro area. Taylorsville has a population of 60,448 as reported by the 2020 census.

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Brief History

Taylorsville was primarily formed by the districts of Bennion, Taylorsville, and Kearns and was combined as a municipality in 1996. The area’s first settlers were the Ute Native Americans, and in November 1848, the first Mormon pioneer settlers arrived. Taylorsville was named in honor of the Church of Latter-day Saints President, John Taylor. In 1910, the Bingham – Garfield Railroad and the Rio Grande Western Railroad were developed; then, in 1915, Taylorsville’s initial water system was finally completed.

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Uncover the beautiful, colorful boutique-style shops around the historic Gardner Mill. With the atmosphere and joy of an early Utah Village, tourists and locals enjoy dining and shopping in Garden Mill, just 12 miles south of downtown Salt Lake City in the heart of the Salt Lake Valley.

The Hale Centre Theatre is also a main attraction in town. It is Utah’s Fantastic Family Theatre, whose aim is to deliver affordable, world-class family theatre and theater education for both and by the guests and residents. HCT has produced plays, shows, musicals all year in their center stage theatre since 1985. HCT also delivers theatre workshops and programs as well as costume rentals.

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Beyond that, Taylorsville boasts the exclusive golf entertainment complex Topgolf, where sports meet your favorite local hangout. Players hit golf balls with computer microchips that monitor each shot’s distance and accuracy while rewarding points for hitting targets on the field. Topgolf offers an exclusive, laid-back experience that showcases climate-controlled hitting bays, event spaces for various sizes, and a fantastic food and drinks menu.

In Taylorsville, you do not only get to learn the rich history of the country, but you get to enjoy the best of expeditions. Holiday River Expeditions offers numerous Utah River Rafting activities. The Green River Rafting is a 5 or 6-day trip that features thrilling whitewater rapids. The trip also includes trekking, which is an ideal time to explore and learn about the ancient Native American ruins. Or, you may go for the San Juan River rafting expedition. It is a 3-day venture heading to the beautiful San Juan River, where guests may encounter the famous “sand waves.” Furthermore, the Desolation Canyon River offers a river expedition holiday in Taylorsville. It is a five-star rated expedition and is open for children as young as five years old. This is a 5 or 6-day river rafting expedition through Canyonlands National Park, where participants can enjoy a spectacular view. You may witness plenty of wildlife sightings such as elk, moose, black bear, or you may do some fishing.

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