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Take back your life!

Feeling cluttered? Cramped? Cranky? Chaotic?

​Maybe you don’t need more space. Maybe you just need to use the space you already have more effectively. 

  • Save time. 
  • Save money. 
  • Save frustration.

Can you afford to continue living in chaos and anxiety? Let’s get your home organized! .

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"Organizing isn't about perfection; it's about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life." ​

-Christina Scalise, author

With expert home organization, you could:

Reclaim living space:

Family Room Before - West Jordan Cleaning Service

Family Room:  Before

Family Room After - West Jordan Cleaning Service

Family Room:  After

Find WHAT you need WHEN you need it:

Basement storage area Before - West Jordan Cleaning Service

Basement storage area: Before

Basement storage area After 1 - West Jordan Cleaning Service

Basement storage area: After 1

Basement storage area After 2 - West Jordan Cleaning Service

Basement storage area: After 2

Storage spaces are more mysterious than the Bermuda Triangle! Like when you know for sure you put something away, and yet it has simply vanished. It’s so aggravating when you can’t find WHAT you need WHEN you need it.

Like when you were supposed to leave for the lake ten minutes ago, but you can’t find the cooler you KNOW you bought last year anywhere. You’re supposed to be having a fun day off, not pulling your hair out!!!
What if the cooler was exactly where it was supposed to be? That’s the power of organization. Being organized means more time for fun and rejuvenation…and lower blood pressure. And what if your storage space was so clutter-free and tidy that it made you smile, not wince, every time you walked in? It means more happy, that’s what it means! Let us create more peace and more satisfaction for you and your family by professionally organizing your space.

Create a relaxing retreat or an inviting guest room:

Guest room Before West Jordan Cleaning Service

Guest room: Before

Guest room After - Jordan West Cleaning Service

Guest room: After

Create your dream kitchen:

Kitchen Reorganization: Before

Our client was frustrated beyond words.

Just walking into her kitchen made her blood pressure rise. Even though her kitchen had plenty of pantry shelving and cabinet space, she still couldn’t fit everything in. She couldn’t find food items when she needed them. She was frequently buying duplicate ingredients because she couldn’t remember (or find) what she already had.

Organizing the pantry and cabinets had been on her to-do list for months, but she could never find the time.

Finally, she called us. 

Our team took every food item out of  every cabinet, drawer, and shelf and placed them where everything was visible all at once. Then we sorted, decluttered, threw away, grouped, labeled, and organized hundreds of kitchen items in just a matter of hours.

Kitchen Reorganization: After

Ahhhh…Kitchen zen!

Believe it or not, when we got done working our magic, everything the home owner needed fit beautifully into the spacious pantry.

​Now she can see at a glance what she has and exactly where it belongs. No more wasted time searching for elusive ingredients. No more wasted money buying duplicate items. No more throwing out spoiled or expired food. No more chaos. No more frustration.

​What could be a better investment in your home and your peace of mind than reorganizing?

Call us today, and you'll be one step closer to peace and satisfaction... ​for less expense than you might expect.