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Regal House Cleaning Serves: The Pay-It-Forward “Gift of Clean”


Rebekah Hadley

Owner, Mom, and Grandma

A Unique and Meaningful Gift to the Community
In today’s divided and angry world, one house cleaning service from West Jordan, Utah, is giving back to the community in a unique and meaningful way.

The Pay-It-Forward program is the brainchild of Rebekah Hadley, owner of West Jordan Cleaning Services. It’s a sort of scholarship for families in desperate need of house cleaning and home organization services who don’t have the financial means to pay for it.

The idea came about in a serendipitous way several years back.

Throughout her years as a professional house cleaner, Rebekah often had moments where she sensed that gifting a service or giving a discount to a client who was struggling would be a true blessing. For many years, she often did just that, as a purely private, spur-of-the-moment impulse.

But that spontaneous generosity solidified into something more deliberate in 2005. 

The Gift of Peace
Rebekah had a client (we’ll call her Jane) who was struggling to justify the expense of the professional house cleaning services Rebekah was providing. 

At their last booking, Jane expressed heavy guilt about paying for recurring housekeeping out of the household budget. She said she didn’t have money to “throw away” on something she ought to be doing herself. 

“It’s a luxury I can’t afford any longer,” she said.

But Rebekah knew Jane was struggling with debilitating depression. 

Far from an idle luxury, an orderly home was a lifesaver for Jane and her family.  Knowing how a restful, clean house was key to Jane’s wellbeing, Rebekah proceeded to organize and clean Jane’s home thoroughly anyway, even though she knew Jane wouldn’t be hiring her for home cleaning services in the future.

When Jane’s house was finally clean and in order, Rebekah told Jane that there would be no charge.

“The payment’s already been taken care of,” Rebekah said. “When you’re able, just pay it forward. Go bless a stranger. Make someone’s day better,” Rebekah told a grateful but surprised Jane. 

That seemed to be the end of it.

But several months later, Jane, who was now much healthier, sent a payment that was double the amount of the usual fees. Jane explained how grateful and unbelievably blessed she had been to receive the gift of service when she needed it most. 

“Take this money and put it in a discretionary fund to ‘gift’ other clients in need of help in the future,” said Jane.

Thus, the Pay-It-Forward program officially began. 

Pay-It-Forward House Cleaning Takes on a Life of Its Own
As Rebekah used the money from Jane to help other clients, a fantastic thing happened: others began “paying-it-forward” on a regular basis too when they heard about what Rebekah was doing. Now Rebekah is often able to gift house cleaning to others.

The final piece of the program–The Annual Christmas Giveaway–fell into place In 2013. That Christmas, a current client “nominated” a specific family they knew (that had never before been a client of Regal House Cleaning) to receive the surprise gift of a clean home for the holidays.

Giving the gift of a clean home at Christmas was so inspiring that ever since that first Christmas, Rebekah has kept up this holiday tradition. Each year, she has family and friends nominate people in need of cleaning and organizing that they know, but she doesn’t. Rebekah chooses one recipient, and then cleans their home for free.

“It’s been a joy to bless strangers this way every year,” she said.

This year’s recipients, Kathi and Jeff Bigelow, actually live in Rebekah’s own West Jordan neighborhood, but she didn’t know them before the Pay-It-Forward program brought them together. Kathi is battling kidney disease. Her once immaculate home has fallen into chaos. When Kathi was informed that her family will receive the Pay-It-Forward gift from Regal House Cleaning this Christmas, she broke down sobbing.

“I know a clean, pleasant home is a true blessing to families,” Rebekah says. “That’s why my team and I do what we do.”

She has been serving Utah families–one house at a time–for over 15 years.

Rebekah has always had a heart for taking care of others. In fact, she left a successful career in order to devote her full-time attention to growing Regal House Cleaning of West Jordan.

Why? Because it’s all about service. Bringing peace and order to the people around her is Rebekah’s life work. To her, serving the residents of Utah by cleaning their homes is something to be proud of.

“People don’t really hold house cleaning in high regard,” says Rebekah, “but I absolutely love it! Making my clients’ homes welcoming–it brings me joy. People trust us and invite us into their private homes, their lives. It’s an honor.”

Give the Gift of Clean
If you’d like to gift a clean home to someone in need through West Jordan Cleaning Services’ Pay-It-Forward Program–or if you need to give your own family the gift of a clean home–please call 385-330-4220 for a free quote.

To learn more about the West Jordan Cleaning Services team, check out our About Us page.

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